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Winning Ticket Checklist

3 steps to stay anonymous and keep your money secure

1. Check the Ticket

Check, double check, and then triple check the ticket. Make sure your numbers match up with the winning numbers and that you have the correct drawing date. If you confirm that you have indeed won, tell nobody except your spouse or immediate family members, those who will be with you and supporting you during this turbulent time.

2. Copy and Hide the Ticket

DO NOT SIGN THE TICKET. First, make a photo copy of the front and back of the ticket, then place the ticket somewhere safe such as a home safe or a safe deposit box. This little piece of paper is now worth a lot of money and should be treated accordingly.

3. Call Me

I have extensive experience dealing with lottery winners, ranging from small $2 million tickets to a $528 million powerball. There are a lot of factors and variables that come into play, and the decisions you make during the claiming process are some that will affect the rest of your life, and I would love to help you through it. Call my personal line at the number below, or contact Kurt at Panouses Law via the link above.

Kurt D Panouses, Esq.

A board certified Attorney and CPA with over 35 years of experience in estate planning and tax. A specialist in Wills, Trusts, and Estates law, Kurt also has extensive experience dealing with lottery winners ranging from $2-528 million in size. Kurt has had multiple high-profile clients including the January 2016 Powerball winners from Melbourne Beach, Florida. Kurt has also been featured on Good Morning America, USA Today, and several magazine and local publications regarding lottery issues.

Kurt D Panouses


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